Package prajna.viz.prefuse

Integration of Prajna with the Prefuse Visualization Toolkit.

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Package prajna.viz.prefuse Description

Integration of Prajna with the Prefuse Visualization Toolkit.

Prefuse is a visualization toolkit available from GitHub. It includes a rich set of visualization tools and utilities for displaying trees, graphs, and other data objects.

This package contains several classes and utilities for adapting Prefuse visualizations. Internally, there are a number of differences in the way the two projects represent their data. Prefuse uses tables filled with Tuples to model its data, while Prajna uses a design more akin to the Java Collections framework. In order to take advantage of Prefuse-style displays, the data must be converted from Prajna's model into the Prefuse model. The PrefuseConverter class and various TupleLoader classes provide the utilities necessary to perform this conversion.

Prajna also provides example visualizations derived from the Prefuse visualization demonstrations. These classes show how to construct a Prefuse display which can use data derived from the Prajna semantic components.

Why use Prajna?

Many developers use Prefuse, as it has a robust set of data modeling tools, rich interactions and compelling visualizations. Prajna augments these capabilities by providing DataAccessors, which give a common access design to underlying data sources. Prajna also supports geographic displays, which can augment the available visualizations provided by Prefuse.

Classes from this package depend on the prefuse.jar file.